DRELINCOURT, Charles (The Elder). Carl Drelincurt [Lurainz Wietzel]

Title Præparatiun sün la S. Tschaina, [Romansh Romansch edition]. Que eis il drett mœd da prouverse svessa, & da s’appinær per comparair avaunt la Maisa da ‘l Sêgner. Cun bellas oratiuns & devotas meditatiuns d’ü fidel chi s’appæna lo tiers, Da‘l Tudaisch, & da ‘l originæl Francés da ‘l Sigr. Carl Drelincurt. Translatò in Romaunsch træs Lurainz Wiezel D. da L. Eis eir sün la fin miß tiers üna canzun da quella vart. Squitscô in Basel træs ils hertevels da Joh. Jacob Genath.
Publisher Basel Joh. Jacob Genath
Date 1661
Book ID 37526


Original fragile binding, probably sheep over boards, 60 x 106 mm 221 pp [actually 201 pp), song as called-for. Signatures: A12, B6, C12, D6, E12,F5, G12, H6 (-,H,H2,H5,H4,-), I12 (iI,I1-7,-,-,-,-),K6 (K, K2, K4,-,-,-), L12,M6 (iii un, M-,M3,-). Complete. Book complete but large piece of original leather missing exposing original spine and boards. Thumbing generally, title-page and end page chipped at edges but no loss. Devotional book by Charles Delincourt, influential French Protestant pastor and author. Translated from German and French into Rhaeto-Romansch by Swiss lawyer and Ladin and Romansh translator, Lurainz Wietzel. Tomas Balarin or Tomaso Balarino’s copy with his name variously to front and back end-papers. “Questo libro de me Tomaso Balarinno” in pencil to f.e.p. verso. Members of the Balarin family lived in Sils im Engadin/Segl in 16th century. COPAC gives one copy in B.L..
Price: £300.00

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