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Title Blistatelnyi Sankt'-Peterburg'. [Brilliant St Petersburg]
Publisher Berlin Izd-vo I.P. Ladyzhnikova
Date 1923
Book ID 36391


A very good copy in original decorated covers. A very good copy. Used; Very Good Nikolay Yakovlevich Agnivtsev (1888-1932) was a poet, dramatist and notably a children's author. He attended Petersburg University (but did not graduate). Agnivtsev contributed to "Satirikon" and various other journals. In 1917, he took part in "Bi-Ba-Bo" cabaret and wrote much of its repertoire. In 1921, in Berlin, he published his "St. Petersburg" verse collection. This present work is a new edition entitled "Blistatelnyi Sankt'-Peterburg'." [Brilliant St. Petersburg].
Price: £250.00

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