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CARRE, Jean-Marie (Zh M Karre) Illus. by Dmitri Mitrokhin.

Title Zhizn' i Prklyucheniya Zhana-Artyura Rembo (The Life of Jean Arthur Rimbaud). Cover design by Mitrokhin.
Illustrator Mitrokhin
Publisher Leningrad Priboi
Date 1927
Book ID 26190
First Edition  


Complete and very good condition. Faint stain affecting edges both internally and externally, slight damage to spine, one loose gathering, 5,000 printed. Collectable; Very Good Translation from the French of Carré's work on Rimbaud. Cover design Dimitri Mitrokhin. Dmitri Isidorovich Mitrokhin. Mitrokhin, painter and graphic artist was a prolific book and periodical illustrator. "The elegant eroticism of the World of Art movement has survived into the Revolutionary period.." John Milner. Green and black bark-like pattern to upper cover with small vignette set-in depicting a naked woman lying under a palm tree with a water vessel and fruit while in the distance warriors ride by.
Price: £100.00

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