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GORODETSKY, M. (Ed.) Lidia Lesnaia Jakob Steinberg Moisey Nappelbaum

Title Solntse Rossii (Russia's Sun) magazine (Nappelbaum photograph) illustrated by Amosova. Rozhdestvenskii nomer'.
Illustrator Amosova
Publisher Moscow Solntse Rossii
Date 1917
Book ID 26084
First Edition  


A very nice, bright copy in excellent condition. Collectable; Very Good Prestigious Russian illustrated magazine. Cover design by Olga Amosova, graphic artist, painter, theatre and film designer. Colour reproduction of Kustodiev's 'Zima', three sepia photographs by Moisey Nappelbaum (one of F. I. Chaliapin), colour portrait by S. A. Sorin (a follower of Somov). Many photographs of the destruction of the inside of the Kremlin by Bokhonov. Poem by Lidia Lesnaia. 2 photographs by Jakob Steinberg. John Milner p.44
Price: £150.00

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