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JAMES, A. Lloyd (Collected and transcribed)

Title Broadcast English II Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some English Place-Names. Collected and Transcribed for the B. B. C. Advisory Committee on Spoken English.
Publisher London The British Broadcasting Corporation
Date 1936
Book ID 31291


Usual grey wrappers with printed label on-lay. 87pp.. Some damp spotting but not obtrusively. A good, clean tight copy. [Numbered copy 990] Uses phonetic alphabet (IPA) and a modified spelling to aid pronunciation. Collectable; Good With foreword by J. C. W. Reith and advisory committee including such names as G. Bernard Shaw, Kenneth Clark, Alistair Cooke, Julian Huxley, Logan Pearsall Smith and Daniel Jones. "... 'Proper' speech has been known as 'BBC English' since the early days of radio broadcasting: clear enunciation of the 'received southern standard' dialect.... this did not happen by accident. The BBC took a conscious decision to implement some standardisation in pronunciation at a very early stage... "
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