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BROWN, Wella

Title Skeul an Yeth. Lyver Onan - Book One: A complete course in the Cornish Language. Stus dhien a’n yeth Kernewek. Drawings by Julian Kitt.
Illustrator Julian Kitt
Publisher Cornwall Cornish Language Board Kesva an Taves Kernewek.
Date 1996
Book ID 38470
First Edition  


Large p/b., xi+205pp.. Illustrated. Almost as new. Appears unused. Clean, bright and tight. Customer review: “This is without a doubt the best book (and whole course) on the Cornish language.This book offers a gradual introduction to the language, but still manages to cover a lot of important material.It is very, very well written and unlike some language books which go on endlessly about grammar, this book really deals with the language”
Price: £9.00

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