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Title Maps Relating to the Ethnical Structure of Slovenian Carinthia (only). (The Cartographic Annex to The National Development of the Carinthian Slovenes)
Publisher (Research Institute, Section for Frontier Questions)
Date 1945
Book ID 37217
First Edition  


Complete and in good condition. c.18 maps with lengthy description. Maps mainly coloured and folding in folder. Ex university library with labels to upper cover and inside. Contents clean. Used; Very Good Appendix to 'The National Development of the Carinthian Slovenes', Ljubljana, 1946. Maps: Development of the Slovene Ethnical Territory, Ethnographical Boundary of... Carinthia XIXth Century..., 'The Slovene-German Ethnic Frontier XIXth Century... ', Diocese of Krka (Gurk), Ethnical Structure... 1848, Ethnical Structure... 1880, Slovene-German Ethnical boundary... 1893, M Wutte on Ethnical Structure... 1900... based on the language in common use, Survey of Official Censuses... from 1880 - 1934, Ethnical Structure... according to mother-tongue in 1910, Diocese of Krka (Gurk) Slovene Parishes... 1935, Percentage of Slovene Children in the Elementary Schools... 1933/34, Ethnical Structure... according to the language in use at home in 1934, Territory of the Utrquist Schools... 1945.
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