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Šišić, Ferdo (Ed.) [Rački Strossmayer]. Association copy R. W. Seton-Watson.

Title Korespondencija Rački – Strossmayer, I–III. I: od 6. okt. 1860. do 28. dec. 1875, od 6. jan. 1876. do 31. dec. 1881, od 5. Jan 1882. do 27 juna 1888. Posebna Djela.
Publisher Zagreb Jugoslovenska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti.
Date 1928 - 1930
Book ID 37450
First Edition  


Original printed wrappers, 19 x 27 cm., 414pp., 446pp., 424pp. Heavy set: may attract extra charges for postage overseas. Volume IV not present. Ex university library with labels to spine and usual plates inside. Author’s presentation copy to the then foremost authority on Eastern Europe and Austria-Hungary, R. W. Seton-Watson.
Price: £75.00

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