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NILIN, Pavel.

Title Comrade Venka [Cruelty]: Translated from the Russian by Joseph Barnes. Originally published in the U.S.S.R. under the title ‘Zhestokost’ (Cruelty).
Publisher London Hutchinson
Date 1959
Book ID 37893
First Edition  


First edition in English. In original dust-wrapper, 303 pp.. Jacket design by Edwards. In very good condition, clean and tight. Appears unread. Павел Филиппович Нилин. Pavel Nilin was best known for a novel called A Man Goes Uphill (1936) which was adapted as the film ‘A Great Life’. This novel, also called ‘Cruelty’ the story of the Soviet militia's fight against criminal gangs in the 1920s was also extremely popular.
Price: £12.00