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Title Une Relache au Kamtschatka. Kamchatka
Publisher Paris(?) Revue Contemporaine
Date 1857
Book ID 20351
First Edition  


Modern full cloth, off-print from Revue Contemporaine with journal title and date 1857 in MS to outer cover, old map used as wrappers and appear not connected. In very good condition. Fascinating portrayal of Kamchatka in the mid-nineteenth century: Having spent 5 months sailing the 'Manche de Tartarie" and the Sea of Okhotsk hoping to avoid scurvy and unable to go onto Japan, which was then closed to foreigners, the author stopped off at Petropavlovsk. c. 60pp. extracts from French journal La Revue Contemporaine. Premiere Partie: Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Histoire de la Colonie, Les Indigènes pp713-747., Deuxième partie; Productions du Sol, Les Animaux a Fourrures, Le Trainage, Les condamnés politiques. pp25-57.
Price: £10.00

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