Title Travnicka Hronika. Konsulska Vremena. Suvremeni Pisci.
Publisher Zagreb Mladost
Date 1962
Book ID 35386
First Edition  


A good, clean, tight copy in original loose-woven cloth. Small stain to upper cover, usual yellowing to paper. With short glossary of obsolete terms. Used; Very Good By Nobel Prize-winning author. Sequel to his best known work 'The Bridge over the Drina'. 'Travnicka hronika' (called in English Bosnian Chronicle: The Days of the Consuls) portrays the events from 1807 to 1814, when the ethnically and religiously divided local community of Travnik unites in contempt against the joint rule of French and Austrian Consuls and Turkish Viziers in the remote Ottoman outpost of Travnik (Andric's birthtown).
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