Travels in Europe during the Years 1891 and 1892: (By the) author of Travels in Various Parts of Europe during the years 1888-9-90.

HARRISON, Gilbert H. W.
Original printed wrappers, 84pp..; Interesting possibly self-published travelogue. Wonderfully opinionated. From the Spectator: " ...he speaks his mind in a decided, hearty fashion. Thus he says "I was very disappointed with the food in Scotland. The scones were nasty things, the whiskey I did not like, and the oatcake was hard. Whilst in Edinburgh, I ordered a Haggis, which nearly made me sick ... at Angouleme the shoe cleaning was very badly done, and my sovereigns were only valued at 24 francs each." In spite of numerous weaknesses, this is a readable, if also exasperating, book. It contains a great amount of information, although largely of the sort which women rather then men delight to collect." From the Animals' Guardian: " In this entertaining little volume, the writer manages in a chatty way to convey a large amount of useful information . Pretty faces do not escape the author's admiration; bad music, bad sanitation, or villainous cookery do not pass uncensured." 'Press Opinons' bound in back. Journeys covering France, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Spain.
Book ID 24760
Pages 84 Edition First Edition
Date 1894 Cover Type Paperback
Condition Good+
Publisher Cockermouth: Brash Bros.,
Price: £80.00
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