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PAVLOVICH N.. (Siniakova)

Title Barabanshchik sovkhoza. Maria Siniakova and Nadezhda Pavlovich (The Sovkhoz Drummer).
Illustrator Siniakova, Maria
Publisher Moscow Moskva OGIZ Molodaya Gvardiya Molodaia gvardiia
Date 1931
Book ID 36130
First Edition  


Rare Soviet children's book in original wrappers illustrated lithographically, and using letterpress, by M Siniakova. 14x16.5cm. Carefully bound in modern protective cloth boards. Used; Very Good This children's story by Nadezhda Alexandrovna Pavlovich's was set in a Soviet collective farm. The rabbit is the 'drummer'. Illustrated, as other of Pavlovich's works, by Maria Siniakova (Lybov Popova also illustrated one of her books). Siniakova (1898 - 1984), Russian painter and graphic artist was born in Krasnaya Poliana. She studied in Kharkov and Moscow and participated in the Komsomol. Siniakova was linked with the Futurists and was sister-in-law of Nikolai Aseev. "Compared to Goncharova and Rozanova she remains an obscure and understudied figure" Berghaus, 2015.
Price: £200.00

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