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PETROVICI, Emil et al.

Title Micul Atlas Lingvistic Romîn. Serie Noua. Vol. I, II, III, IV. (Small Linguistic Atlas of Romanian)
Publisher Bucharest and Cluj Bucuresti Editura Academiei Republicii Populare Romîne
Date 1981
Book ID 34249
First Edition  


4 octavo sized folders, 17x24cm. Each containing some 25pp stapled handbooks and 400 maps on some 100 card pages (loose). Complete and in excellent condition. Published I:1956, II & III:1967, IV:1981. First three vols. beautifully made cloth covered-folders with ties or clasp, last volume similar but in card. Heavy postage (3.5Kg) may incur extra charges. Used; Very Good Maps depicting nation-wide distribution of the dialectal variants of selected words. Published under the auspices of the Romanian Academy, the Micul Atlas Lingvistic is part of an almost century-long project researching the Romanian language and its dialects. The Sextil Puscariu Institute of Language and Literary History was founded in Cluj in 1919 (Institutul de Lingvistica si Istorie Literara „Sextil Puscariu”).
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