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SPINK, M. S. and LEWIS, Gl. L. [Albucasis Abu 'I-Qasim Khalaf ibn 'Abbas al-Zahrawi]

Title Albucasis On Surgery and Instruments. A Definitive Edition of the Arabic Text with English Translation and Commentary. First thus. (Illustrations by Marsh and Huntington).
Publisher London The Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine
Date 1973
Book ID 36635
First Edition  


Large 8vo. New in original dust-wrapper. Unused. Unopened. In mint condition. Illustrated, bibliography, translation with commentary in English. Just under 3 Kg packed, may require extra payment for shipping overseas. New Translation of al-Maqa lah fi al- amal bi-al-yad, which forms the 30th treatise of al-Tasri f li-man ajiza an al-ta li f. Albucasis Abu 'I-Qasim Khalaf ibn 'Abbas al-Zahrawi, one of the greatest of Arabic surgeons and physicians. Bornin Cordova, in Islamic Spain, he became one of the most influential of all medical writers at the time, both in Arabic-speaking countries and in the Latin West. His treatises were gathered together into an encyclopaedia al-Tasrif and this particular one (the 30th) on surgery was of enormous importance.
Price: £95.00

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