KINDER, John J. & SAVINI, Vincenzo M..

Title Using Italian: a guide to contemporary usage.
Publisher Cambridge Cambridge University Press
Date 2004
Book ID 37594
First Edition  


Large p/b., xix+468pp., 17 x 24 cm., 900g.. As new, appears unused. Clean, tight and bright. Giving special attention to areas of vocabulary and grammar which cause most difficulty to English-speakers. Consideration is given to style, register, and politeness essential to achieving an appropriate level of formality or informality in writing and speech. It surveys the contemporary linguistic scene and gives ample space to the new varieties of Italian. The influence of the dialects in shaping the development of Italian is also acknowledged. Clear, readable and easy to consult via its two indexes, this is an essential reference for learners seeking access to the finer nuances of the Italian language.
Price: £15.00

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