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About Us

Marijana was born in Clyro, close to the Welsh book town of Hay-on-Wye, to English and Polish/Croatian parents. After studying Slavonic languages and culture in London and Zagreb and spending some ten years teaching English in Italy, Singapore and Vienna, she returned to her home area in 1989. With her love of books, language and cultural diversity, she was a natural choice to run the language department in Richard Booth’s huge secondhand bookshop in Hay. 

Two years later, in 1991 the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia disintegrated. Being well aware of the rarity in the book-trade of her expertise in, and knowledge of, lesser-spoken languages, Eastern Europe and in particular the Balkans, she took the plunge into independence, setting up Marijana Dworski Books specifically for people who shared her enthusiasm for those subjects.

The business has now become the leading source for books on minority and lesser-spoken languages as well as books on Southeastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. 

After 20 years in Hay, and faced with the decline in footfall in real shops, and in recognition of the global nature of her clientele, she reorganized her business as an exclusively on-line enterprise. No longer tied to a shop and shop hours, although primarily an on-line business, visitors are welcome to Harp House, Broad Street, Presteigne, LD8 2AD by prior appointment.

The change has allowed her to pursue yet another interest, in book-cover design.With her friend, Clare Keil, she is developing the books4looks business, which sees books as works of art in their own right, to be displayed as well as read. See

Marijana and her family now live in the small Welsh border town of Presteigne with frequent visits throughout the year to the Dworski family home in Rijeka, Croatia.

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The World Specialists on Minority Languages. 
Dictionaries, lexicons, grammars on all languages, theoretical and applied linguistics, language acquisition, phonetics and all language related material.

Also specialising in
Antiquarian books on language and travel.
Russian Avant Garde - original book cover design from 1920s
Celtica and local history
Balkans, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia - travel, culture, politics, history and language.