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POWELL, J. C., de MADRIAGA, BELISARIUS et al The New Europe. "Pour la Victoire Intégrale"

Title The New Europe. Russia's New Formula. (Journal). No. 32.
Publisher London Constable
Date 1917
Book ID 25575


Orig. printed wrappers. 25pp.. Collectable; Very Good 24th May 1917.. Other contributions include "No Annexation" and "La Victoire Intégrale", Britain and Italy: the Beam in Our Own Eye by J. C. Powell, Dark Forces in Spain by S de Madriaga, What Bulgaria means by "Peace" by Belarius, Signor Labriola on "Necessary Revisions", Italian "Nationalism", Notes: The Jews and Free Russia - General Smuts and the League of Nations, The "No Annexation" Debate.
Price: £12.00

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