WILLIAMS, The Reverend James

Title Grammar Notes and Vocabulary of the Language of the Makuchi Indians of Guiana. (Macusi or Macushi - a Cariban language). Collection International de Monographies Linguistique.
Publisher St-Gabriel-Mödling near Vienna, Austria Anthropos
Date 1932
Book ID 36180
First Edition  


Original brown cloth with lettered gilt to spine, Ex London University library, gifted by the author. Published under licence by S.P.C.K.. Used; Very Good The Rev. James Williams spent some 6 years (from 1907 to 1913) living in the interior of,what is now, Guyana. He was the author of 'The Warau Indians of Guiana and Vocabulary of their Language'. "Macushi is the most populous of the Cariban languages, spoken by 30,000 in Brazil and Guyana. It is also spelled Makushi, Makusi, Makuxi, Macusi, Macussi, and also known as Teweya (Teueia). Linguistically speaking, the Macushi language is described as having OVS order, with SOV order used to highlight the subject. Anthropos, both journal and institute was founded by Pater Schmidt an Austrian linguist, anthropologist and ethnologist. In 1938 he and the institute was forced to flee to Switzerland.
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