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FUCHS, Dr Karl Hans (Ed.), BELLOC, Hilaire, LUBEN, F. A. et al

Title Danzig - What is it all about? A Wanderer's Note-Book, Danzig Free State, Kommt nach Danzig, Gdansk Zabytkowy.
Publisher Various Various
Date 1939
Book ID 31209
First Edition  


Collection of original contemporary pamphlets and newspaper articles on the inter-war Free City of Danzig (Freie Stadt Danzig) now modern Gdansk. With a later map. All in excellent condition. Collectable; Very Good Comprises: Hilaire Belloc's Sunday Times 1939 article: 'A Wanderer's Note-Book. Danzig', collection of 1930s Times articles on Danzig, Gdynia and East Prussia by Special Correspondent, 1939, 55pp illustrated 'Danzig. What is it all about?' by Karl Hans Fuchs, 'Kommt nach Danzig' 1930s 32pp. illustrated travel brochure, F. A. Luben's 1935 19pp. information leaflet 'Danzig Free State, 1959 colour town plan of Gdansk.
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