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Griffith, F.L.

Title Meroitic Inscriptions. Part II. Napata to Philae and Miscellaneous. F.L.Griffith & J.W.Crowfoot Pt. 2 (Archaeological Survey Memoirs.
Publisher Oxford Egypt Exploration Society
Date 1978
Book ID 29255


Tall quarto, cloth-backed printed boards, 144pp.. Used; Like New The Meroitic language was spoken in Meroë and the Sudan during the Meroitic period (attested from 300 BCE) and went extinct about 400 CE. It was written in two forms of the Meroitic alphabet: Meroitic Cursive, which was written with a stylus and was used for general record-keeping; and Meroitic Hieroglyphic, which was carved in stone or used for royal or religious documents. It is poorly understood owing to the scarcity of bilingual texts.
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