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Title Records: C-6322 Ako Spavas Vilo Moja. Ne Zaboravi Me Ti. C-6154 Spavaj mi Ancice. Dodi u Krilo Moje. C-6331 Kad Misec Zablista. Ribara Janja Kci. C-6157 Sve Pticice iz Gore. Tamo na Rivi. C-6350 Bosno Moja Poharana. Moj Mostaru. Moj Beharu. C-6305 Nincsen Annyi Te...
Publisher Zagreb Jugoton
Date 1960
Book ID 22687


9 Jugoton 78s all in excellent condition in original printed sleeves. More details on request. Heavy postage - extra charges for overseas orders. Very Good Dalmatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Slavonian, Hungarian and other folk songs.
Price: £40.00

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