A Hebrew Grammar. with an appendix on the Hebrew Vowel System taken from Lecture-Notes by Professor Kennett. Second Edition revised.

WOOD, C. T. with LANCHESTER, H. C. O. (and Kennett)
A good, clean, tight copy.; First published in 1913, second edition 1920. "Admirably supplements [Davidson's Grammar]", "The authors have arranged their material well; the exercises are admirable; and the whole scheme of the book is excellently fitted to introduce students to an intelligent study of the Old Testament." (Expository Times, 1913). A number of works by eminent Egyptologist E A Wallis Budge advertised in back.
Book ID 37167
Pages xii+281[i]pp Edition Reprint
Date 1931 Cover Type Hardback
Condition Very Good
Publisher London Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd
Price: £8.00
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