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Henshall, Kenneth G..

Title A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters. Tuttle Language Library.
Publisher Rutland, Vermont & Tokyo, Japan Charles E. Tuttle
Date 1988
Book ID 37538
First Edition  


8vo., hardback in original unclipped dust-wrapper. xxvii+675 pp..16.5 x 23.5 cm. 1.1Kg. As new and unused. Bright and clean. Kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along with detailed, authentic notes about the historical development of each. With clear, large-sized entries, this work details each of the General Use Characters (the 1,945 characters prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education for everyday use). Both Japanese readings and English meanings are given, along with stroke-count and stroke-order, examples of usage, and suggestions for memorising. The components of each character are detailed. The book will appeal to students seeking to learn kanji as well as Japanese language enthusiasts who want to know the history and etymology of Japanese kanji.
Price: £15.00

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